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Price List


Women's Haircut: Starting at $90

Men's Haircut: Starting at $60

Children's Haircut (11-): Starting at $40

Styling Service: Blow Dry- Updo: Starting at $60

For Texture, Makeup, Blow Dry, Bridal, Colour and Treatments, see our Services page.

Senior Stylist 

Hair Stylist, Colourist

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20 years at Calia Hair


Colour/Corrective Colour ▪ Balayage ▪ Ombré ▪ Hair Extensions ▪ Up Do’s ▪ Women’s Cuts ▪ Men’s Cuts

Most defining moment as a stylist?

To me, it’s about making a real connection with my client. I want to make sure, when they walk out the door, their hair truly expresses who they are. It’s amazing to see how a cut or a new colour can impact a person. They may walk in a little shy, even lacking confidence, but in the end, they leave more confident than they were before they sat in my chair.


Greatest joy? 

Creating a look that truly expresses my client’s personality, and seeing their inner “Beyoncé.” It’s about bringing out the beauty in you and your hair. 

What is it about colouring you love?

I see colour differently. It’s an art form. Once you have a great cut, I love customizing colour for every client based on their skin tone, desired maintenance and personality. Then I like taking my paints to use them as highlights to contour a person’s face or to mimic nature by adding hints of sunlight naturally. And in the fall, I love adding flickers of warmth that will reveal with every head turn.Their hair is my canvas -- the look is soft and natural. 

Favourite saying:

Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off.


What do clients say about the Zoe experience? 

“If you’re looking for that sun-kissed look, Zoe is a magician when it comes to baby lights. She has an eye for the classic but brings her level of creativity to always keep the style looking fresh.”

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