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Senior Stylist 

Hair Stylist, Colourist,

Make-Up Artist

Greatest joy? I am inspired by natural beauty and that’s been a huge influence in the way I cut, colour and style hair. I love customizing a look that enhances the individuality of my client so they walk away with their own signature style. The best part is that I won’t cut more hair than needed. Really! ​ Tour de Force? When I style and cut hair, the window into that world are my client’s eyes. As a makeup artist and hair stylist, I have a unique perspective on how I can help my clients accentuate their best features. One of the best feelings is making someone feel confident in themselves. ​ Favourite saying: Work with what you have. I really believe the best approach to beauty is to enhance what you’ve already got. ​ ​ What’s your happy place? Knitting, along with a cup of tea and my rescue dog Delilha by my side. What can I say, I’m an 80-year old in a 30-year old body. What do clients say about the Katrina experience? “She’s your best friend, and confidant all wrapped into one. Always positive, full of energy, quirky and fun! She is a joy to be around.” “Katrina has a fearless ability to create versatile looks from sophisticated, to beachy, to edgy trends. Did I mention she’s cool!”

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