Heat-protective product designed to nourish and protect dry hair during blow-drying: an absolute must-have for dull, rough hair in need of rich, creamy gentleness. The new and improved formula is enriched with Iris Royal Complex to nourish even the driest areas thanks to active nutrients that blend with the entire fiber, which is protected from heat as high as 180º C/356º F*. The something extra? Linseed oil extract, a siccative oil that illuminates the hair like a glaze while staying beautifully light.


  • 1. After washing your hair with the best-adapted Bain Satin, and treatment with the appropriate Masque, towel-dry your hair and apply a dab of NECTAR THERMAL starting from the tips and working up the lengths. 
    3. Detangle with a wide-toothed comb, starting with the tips and gradually working up towards the roots. Do not rinse. 
    4. Styling with a hair dryer: blow-dry using a round brush.


    5. Styling with a flat iron: pre-dry your hair with a hair dryer. Style with a ceramic plate iron, ideally at a temperature of 180 ° C. Take a section about 3cm wide and slide the iron along slowly in one continuous motion. Perform once or twice on each section.

  • • Optimal shine and softness from root to tip. 
    • Ideally supple hair. 
    • Protects from mechanical aggressions. 
    • Easier blow-drying.

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