Blow-dry care for weakened hair in the form of a resurfacing reinforcing milk. This new formula enables the hair to rebuild a protective outer layer to conquer breakage and split ends all the while ensuring high-heat protection up to 180º C/356º F*.
*This best seller dedicated to damaged hair is now enriched with Sève de Résurrection or “resurrection sap,” for even greater attentiveness to damaged fiber.


  • "Apply to washed and towel-dried hair.
    Massage onto lengths and ends. Proceed to blow-dry. Leave-in. 

  • The Ciment Thermique is a Thermo-activated leave-in blow-drying milk for weakened hair.
    FOR WHO?
    Damaged hair (erosion level 1-2).
    Protects against the heat (up to 180°C), and blow-dry is 2x faster. 
    Fiber is strengthened from the inside to the surface. Smoothing of the fiber from root to tip.
    Hair is firm, supple and flowing. 
    Strengthened shine.

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