Suha (Sue)

Senior Stylist

Level 1

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Price Lists

Women's Haircut: Starting at $78

Men's Haircut: Starting at $43

Children's Haircut (11-): Starting at $29

Styling Service Blow Dry, Updo: Starting at $45

For Texture, Makeup, Blow Dry, Bridal, Colour and Treatments, see our Services page.

Suha (Sue) 


Has been in our beauty industry serving her clients for over 20 years. 


Women’s and Men’s Cuts ▪ Up Do’s ▪ Colour ▪ Threading

Most defining moment as a stylist? 

The journey my clients experience. After all styling someone’s hair is a huge responsibility. It’s not about creating a cut or style they can’t do on their own. What I love is helping my clients see their best selves. They already have that ‘magic’ I just need to help them see it for themselves. That’s why the initial consult is so important. 

Favourite styling tip? 

Be who you are. Sometimes clients will come in with a picture hoping to look just like that person. Unfortunately, or fortunately that’s not you. But the best part is – the picture gives me a point of inspiration.  It’s not about walking out of the salon with the hair style in the picture – it’s about finding the right cut and look that will work for you and that you can create at home.

Greatest joy? 

At the end of the day, the smile on my client’s face. They just light up – you can’t ask for a better compliment then that. 

Favourite saying:

Just be you. You’re beautiful already.